work related injury. Why not?

Why isn’t carpal  tunnel syndrome considered a work related injury by management at McDonalds? It’s not fair really. It’s consider work related in many other professions, right? What makes McDonalds (or at least my McDonalds) so positive that it’s not in my case?

I suppose you deserve a bit of a background on the situation. I used to work in what the management calls the back booth. I liked to call it my office with a window with an open door policy. Sounds a lot flashier that way. My coworkers and the assistant managers call it the hole or the dungeon. I liked calling it a dungeon too at times. Especially when I was working night shift. I hardly ever had to ring up orders or take orders on our headset.

Anyway, this went on for about two years. Recently, as in around five or so months ago, they’ve been putting me on the headset taking orders. (My gripes about that are a whole different story that I’ll get into later.) The only times that I get to go back to my old spot is when my sister has a day off. So I’ve been working taking orders for ages now. What has developed lately is an intermittent but extreme shooting pain in my wrist. I joked at first that it was carpal tunnel and used the usual jokes that I needed to go home, just like I do when I break a nail. No one takes me seriously. However from what I remembered at the time it fit the descriptions that I knew of carpal tunnel.

My manager asked me to work an hour later today, I was already on the schedule an extra hour. That’s just McDonalds for you on Memorial Day. I think he was joking, but I told him that I would be happy to if he paid for the carpal tunnel treatment. Go figure that he nearly immediately had us (me and my sister) out of there. I wonder if he even realized how bad my wrist had been hurting by the end of my nine hour shift.

I have learned a good bit about carpal tunnel while I was writing this. Evidently, according to the sources that I’ve looked at, there is still disagreement whether carpal tunnel is caused by actions at work. I suppose I have to forgive my manager. Although chances are he’s just being a tightwad.

For the record WebMD lists Carpal Tunnel at the top of the list when I go through the symptom checker. However there are also 20 other items. I suppose I’ll have to go in to the doctor eventually. I hate using my insurance plan.


WebMD: Article on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wikipedia: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Entry


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