Male chauvinists have their place

My tire went flat today. Despite the view that my sisters have of me, I do know how to change a tire. I may not like to and try to get out of it if possible, but I do know how. Of course it wasn’t necessary at all today.

We discovered my tire was flat as we pulled out of the parking spot to go home. You’re probably wondering why we didn’t notice sooner. There’s a very good reason for that. My sister was driving home and it was on the driver side. I swear it wasn’t my fault. Anyway, we got my jack out only to find out that it has somehow broken since the last time it was used. Go figure. So we broke out the newer, but less functional jack. It’s nicer, but it’s missing the handle to raise it with. We tried assorted items from my car, but nothing was working well. My sister heads inside to try to borrow a screwdriver or something.

She comes back out with our manager in tow. He is well known to everyone at the store but himself to be a male chauvinist. For example, he refuses to hire maintenance people that are women. Anyway, with his help we got the car lifted up.

I wanted to put this story up to prove that chivalry isn’t dead and that there is a time and place where male chauvinists are welcome.


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