Personnel Files: The PHB

Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent. The really is a blanket statement when you really think about it. You could not change the names and they would still be protected because people will believe that you did. That being said, I really have changed the names because I don’t want the so called innocent to ever track down these blog entries. I figured that since you’ll be seeing several of my co-workers mentioned on here from time to time, I’ll go ahead and give you a bit of a heads up as we go along. Yes, they will all be known by fake names, but I intend to be consistent on those fake names.

I’m going to try for names at least a little bit descriptive. This first one I’m going to call… El Diablo. Nah, that might prejudice you against her. Perhaps… the anti-Christ? All right, I’ll be a bit more serious. As a salute to Scott Adams we’ll call her PHB, even though she’s not the real boss here. She certainly believes herself to be. Sometimes I think she might be bipolar because she goes through these moods where she’s your best of friend and others when she’ll do anything she can against you.

She was just a regular crew person when I first started at McDonalds. She was mean and cruel back then. It was her and this other girl. The two together were just horrible. I remember that during my second month with McDonalds I was awarded the employee of the month award. The other girl asked me why I had received it and they never had. PHB never uttered a truer phrase when she told the other girl, “You must be joking.”

When we switched owners about two months after that, the new manager asked the other managers at the time who they would recommend to become managers. They basically told him that anyone would be a good choice except the PHB. Amazingly enough she’s a manager now. She’s not a salaried manager at least. Several of us thought that she may have been sleeping with the store manager, but everyone swears that that’s not the case. It is funny though how she can get away with blatant disrespect and downright disgusting behaviors and not be fired.


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