“Experienced” Managers Need Not Apply

I am so tired of having to deal with managers who either don’t know what they’re doing, refuse to do their job properly, or who know less about this store than I do. Our manager this morning is one that I worked with all the way in the beginning when I first started here. When in my second month of working here she and another woman questioned me on why I got employee of the month so soon and not them. I just shrugged it off, but it was obvious even then that they were slackers and showed little interest in their jobs beyond doing just enough to get their paycheck, earned or not.

We’ve had a change in owners since then. When the new owners took over the new manager asked who on the staff were fit to be raised to management. Our old managers said anyone except for this certain employee, one of the women I just mentioned. Lo and behold who becomes promoted to management? That one particular woman. Just as before when she just coasted by doing her job, she’s now just coasting by doing as little as possible while being as much of a ***** as she can to both employees and customers. As far as I’m concerned that’s the worst thing possible that anyone can do, being rude to a customer goes completely against any and all business sense. I mean, really, these are the people that essentially pay our paychecks. If the customers stop coming, we stop getting paid. End of story. Besides the fact that all they have to do is go to anyone over you and you’ll be fired. I swear I think that the only reason why she’s still here is because she’s been fooling around with the store manager. It has to be something because we’ve had others behave similarly and they’ve been fired after a few complaints.

I’ve got about four more minutes before I have to go back to my prison. At least I get to relieve my sister for break before I have to go back up front. I used to work the back window for ages up until recently. Lately it seems like there’s standing orders to put me anywhere but the back window. This morning I was taking orders until our other order taker came in at around 8:00 this morning. Then I was just shuffled to the front register. And after my break I’ll be in the back window for a short 30 minutes. After that I’ll probably be up front until I go home at 2:00. I am really getting tired of the moving around. I really do miss my drive thru customers. Oddly enough they’re more dynamic and fun than my front counter customers.

* This blog entry was prepared a week or so ago, before I wrote the personnel blog entry naming her PHB.


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