Cold versus Freezing

I grew up in a household of very mixed temperatures. My mom came from overseas in a northern country. She immigrated over to New Jersey, not the warmest state in my beloved USA. When I was little, 2 to be exact, we moved to a much warmer state. So basically she grew up in cold climates while I grew up in a Southern state with no air conditioning.

I’ll be the first to recognize that people have different views on temperature. My mom alone is quite contrary. She likes it cold. Up until a few years ago she actually needed it cold in the car because she actually had trouble breathing. Nowadays it’s nearly the opposite. She gets bad muscle cramps when it’s cold.

The point I’m trying to get to is that different people see temperatures in different ways. I am extremely affected by the cold while my mom is the opposite.

Want to know how it connects to my job? I have been there for two years now and I still catch a lot of flack about being cold all the time during the winter. But do I say anything when the managers (who came from up North, by the way) complain about the heat during the summer? No. Or at least I didn’t. I resolved that I will bring it up each time one of my managers complains about the heat.

Hot and cold are perspectives. What is cold to one person isn’t always to the other. If I could just get it across to one manager I would be so happy.


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