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I’m Baaaaaack

Just giving anyone reading a quick update. After a two year hiatus, I have returned to the world of minimum wage jobs. I can’t promise regular blog entries. I can’t even promise blogging during my breaks like was my original plan. I can promise to update when I can.

If you are interested in blogging here about your own minimum wage job experiences, click on contributors in the menu and fill out the form. I can assure you that you’ll hear from me quickly. You can be as anonymous as you want. I only ask that you keep the language and posts at a PG level.


New Contributer

I know, I know. I’ve been slacking on my job of writing. I promise to do better in the future, but I’ve had a lot of home life issues lately.

Now that the excuses are done with… The good news! Yes, I have good news.

I’ve conned… er… convinced another McDonald’s employee to join my cause. She prefers to write about stupid customers.

Cheers and Happy Blogging,

Breaktime Blogger


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