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Breast Money

Does anyone else find it disturbing when some lady pulls money from her bra (or at least I hope from her bra) to pay for something? In my opinion it is entirely too close to actually touching her.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I’m a slight germaphobe, or mysophobic if you prefer. I say slight because I can touch dirt and other such items, but I don’t like it and I usually find an opportunity to wash my hands real soon afterwards. If someone’s hands are wet when they hand me money and they’re not dressed for the beach, I’m reaching for my hand sanitizer as soon as they leave my window. In fact, I usually carry a bottle of cheap hand sanitizer in order to not have to leave my window to use the store stuff so often. McDonald’s hand sanitizer is very harsh on the skin if used too often. I tend to get rashes on my hands from it. That’s why I bring my own that has a moisturizer in it.

Back on topic, I can’t get away from this one train of thought. That money is touching her skin intimately, most likely her breasts even. I don’t know her or how clean she keeps herself. Even if she’s a neat freak, that money still picks up the slightest amount of sweat, and it does get plenty hot where I work. That money that touched her chest like that now touches my skin. It’s a middle man to my touching her breast myself. Eww! The thought alone gives me the shivers.

Is it that hard to carry a pocketbook? Or at least a bag you can through in the car. At the very least take your money out where I can’t see you. At least this way I can try to pretend that the bills are moist from the beach or pool or lake or river. And, yes, the money was damp. Ugh.



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