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Why Do You Keep Doing This To Us?

Sure, free stuff is cool. We all love to get free stuff. Especially when that free stuff is useful. But am I really the only one out there that thinks an upper management mandated employee appreciation day/week is utterly rediculous and counter productive?

I’ve been through five… six of these so far and not once have I felt even slightly more appreciated than I have on an average day. Everyone knows that it’s by command of upper management. Most people realize that it was prompted by some study, somewhere, that says that employees will feel more appreciated when celebrated.

Sure. I feel appreciated by upper management. I truly believe that they appreciate the hard work that us peons put in on a daily basis. Do I feel that our immediate management appreciates us? Of course not.

Would you feel appreciated by a mandated employee appreciation day?


Disgusting Coworkers

I guess to start with I should apologize for not having posted in awhile. (as if anyone is actually following my blog at this point) I’ve had a bit much on my plate, but I’m working on that.

What brought me back so suddenly was something that happened on… Friday that i just couldn’t keep silent about. First of all I have to admit that I didn’t actually see this happen. What I heard was a big commotion between a crew person in the grill and a manager… Let’s call the person… Jean. That’s a fairly safe name. Jean was upset about how she could not serve the customer the chicken they had used. I heard the whole issue and I felt sorry for whoever had done it. This Jean is not the nicest of people on a good day. It’s amazing that Jean is a manager.

A little background here: Our Southern Style chicken is pretty good. The problem on Friday came about because they had not changed the oil in that particular fryer yet. (we have six all together) Anyway, the old grease gave the chicken a darker color to it.

Now for the part that bothered me about it. This is the part that I got second hand, but fits with other things that I’ve seen and heard with Jean. Anyway, a person who was watching saw Jean pick a piece of chicken from out waste bin and give the chicken sandwich out to the customer like that.

For those of you unfamiliar with McDonalds, the waste bin is where food that is messed up or returned from a customer is thrown so that it can be counted later on for inventory purposes.

So in essence she took a sandwich that wasn’t good enough for a customer and replaced it with chicken… that wasn’t good enough for a customer. Go figure.

Yesterday, I left the store manager with a note about what happened and the date and time of the incident. We’ll see how that goes.

edit: at a later date it was explained that it wasn’t a customer that got the bad chicken, but a coworker that took it from the waste bin. Was it really? We’ll never know for sure. If it was… Then I apologize to the aforementioned “Jean.”


“Experienced” Managers Need Not Apply

I am so tired of having to deal with managers who either don’t know what they’re doing, refuse to do their job properly, or who know less about this store than I do. Our manager this morning is one that I worked with all the way in the beginning when I first started here. When in my second month of working here she and another woman questioned me on why I got employee of the month so soon and not them. I just shrugged it off, but it was obvious even then that they were slackers and showed little interest in their jobs beyond doing just enough to get their paycheck, earned or not.

We’ve had a change in owners since then. When the new owners took over the new manager asked who on the staff were fit to be raised to management. Our old managers said anyone except for this certain employee, one of the women I just mentioned. Lo and behold who becomes promoted to management? That one particular woman. Just as before when she just coasted by doing her job, she’s now just coasting by doing as little as possible while being as much of a ***** as she can to both employees and customers. As far as I’m concerned that’s the worst thing possible that anyone can do, being rude to a customer goes completely against any and all business sense. I mean, really, these are the people that essentially pay our paychecks. If the customers stop coming, we stop getting paid. End of story. Besides the fact that all they have to do is go to anyone over you and you’ll be fired. I swear I think that the only reason why she’s still here is because she’s been fooling around with the store manager. It has to be something because we’ve had others behave similarly and they’ve been fired after a few complaints.

I’ve got about four more minutes before I have to go back to my prison. At least I get to relieve my sister for break before I have to go back up front. I used to work the back window for ages up until recently. Lately it seems like there’s standing orders to put me anywhere but the back window. This morning I was taking orders until our other order taker came in at around 8:00 this morning. Then I was just shuffled to the front register. And after my break I’ll be in the back window for a short 30 minutes. After that I’ll probably be up front until I go home at 2:00. I am really getting tired of the moving around. I really do miss my drive thru customers. Oddly enough they’re more dynamic and fun than my front counter customers.

* This blog entry was prepared a week or so ago, before I wrote the personnel blog entry naming her PHB.


Auto Large Size

I can’t believe the nerve of some people. One of our not so beloved managers, I believe that I decided to call her PHB the other day, decided that we should automatically large size all meals. It ridiculous the lengths that some (this) of our managers will go. We are supposedly in a competition to see which of us under the same owners can sell the most large sized meals, specialty coffees, and cherry pies.

Money is tight for everyone except for McDonalds. You would think that they could be a bit more understanding of the common people. But no, our manager tells us to automatically large size all of the meals. My sister told me that she wasn’t double checking the orders before cashing them out because they should be checking the screen. I refuse to do it automatically though. It’s not right. Of course I have the store manager’s backing on this one. I told him what she had said when he had to fix an order at the window. But she still works here.

And of course the moral of this story is that you should always read the screen when there is one when you go through the drive thru. And always complain if you were over charged. Maybe someday the bad ones will be fired.


Personnel Files: The PHB

Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent. The really is a blanket statement when you really think about it. You could not change the names and they would still be protected because people will believe that you did. That being said, I really have changed the names because I don’t want the so called innocent to ever track down these blog entries. I figured that since you’ll be seeing several of my co-workers mentioned on here from time to time, I’ll go ahead and give you a bit of a heads up as we go along. Yes, they will all be known by fake names, but I intend to be consistent on those fake names.

I’m going to try for names at least a little bit descriptive. This first one I’m going to call… El Diablo. Nah, that might prejudice you against her. Perhaps… the anti-Christ? All right, I’ll be a bit more serious. As a salute to Scott Adams we’ll call her PHB, even though she’s not the real boss here. She certainly believes herself to be. Sometimes I think she might be bipolar because she goes through these moods where she’s your best of friend and others when she’ll do anything she can against you.

She was just a regular crew person when I first started at McDonalds. She was mean and cruel back then. It was her and this other girl. The two together were just horrible. I remember that during my second month with McDonalds I was awarded the employee of the month award. The other girl asked me why I had received it and they never had. PHB never uttered a truer phrase when she told the other girl, “You must be joking.”

When we switched owners about two months after that, the new manager asked the other managers at the time who they would recommend to become managers. They basically told him that anyone would be a good choice except the PHB. Amazingly enough she’s a manager now. She’s not a salaried manager at least. Several of us thought that she may have been sleeping with the store manager, but everyone swears that that’s not the case. It is funny though how she can get away with blatant disrespect and downright disgusting behaviors and not be fired.


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