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Keeping Track

Screams of confusion come from all sides.

Has it really been that long since I last posted? Oops. Well, it’s a new year of life and therefore a new year of venting.

Before I get into the topic I chose to break the New Year’s Ice I wanted to make a few comments and requests along with an apology. I’m not it’s been ages, but I’d like to try to post here occasionaly. First of all, I am no longer working for my ‘beloved’ McDonalds, although (plug to the topic) I do still have my notebooks of things I had wanted to blog about. So if I refer to previous times at McDonalds, you’ll understand. In the meantime, my stupid people moments I’m sure will keep accumalating, even if I’m not still with McDonalds.

Where there are people, there will be stupid people doing stupid and annoring things.

Secondly, I’m looking for anyone interested in sending in guest posts. We all have something to say, say it here. I’m adding a form page where you can give me your email address and a sample of your work. I’ll either add you on as a contributer or email you suggestions on improvements.

On to the topic of keeping notebooks.

They’re more than just writers devices. It’s very important to keeping tracks of many things, especially transgressions. Whether you need to keep track for the purpose of blogging or venting or because you need to take it to your management, it’s important to keep all the details fresh in your mind.

Just make sure you don’t lose that notebook. I left one behind that I jotted down notes of transgressions made by my coworkers and I about had a heart attack when I realized it was still at work. You never saw a happier person when I got it back.

Quick Tip: Keep a Notebook By the Bed.


Auto Large Size

I can’t believe the nerve of some people. One of our not so beloved managers, I believe that I decided to call her PHB the other day, decided that we should automatically large size all meals. It ridiculous the lengths that some (this) of our managers will go. We are supposedly in a competition to see which of us under the same owners can sell the most large sized meals, specialty coffees, and cherry pies.

Money is tight for everyone except for McDonalds. You would think that they could be a bit more understanding of the common people. But no, our manager tells us to automatically large size all of the meals. My sister told me that she wasn’t double checking the orders before cashing them out because they should be checking the screen. I refuse to do it automatically though. It’s not right. Of course I have the store manager’s backing on this one. I told him what she had said when he had to fix an order at the window. But she still works here.

And of course the moral of this story is that you should always read the screen when there is one when you go through the drive thru. And always complain if you were over charged. Maybe someday the bad ones will be fired.


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