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Night Time Nothingness

I really have to wonder just how much people really think about the world around them, especially the part of the world that doesn’t immediately and obviously involve them.

This all began when I came in to work early for once. I know it’s a real shocker, but try to stick with me for a moment. I found a large stack of trays in need of cleaning and liners, in addition to left over dishes. I mean really, does it take that much of a rocket scientist to realize that if you leave me a lot of extra work to do that I won’t have an equal amount of time to get my own stuff done which leaves that much more work for the next person. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps going until we finally have such a slow day that there is enough time to get both night shift’s work and my own done. Don’t get me wrong, it does happen, but it shouldn’t have to.

I’m not one to complain constantly and throw in the childish “it’s not fair,” to go with it. So once I write this I won’t say another word about it, at least until next time. 😉

In a way I suppose it’s just a matter of people growing up. Places like McDonald’s, Hardees, Burger King, and many others are usually on the front lines when it comes to bringing kids into the work place. Most kids don’t have proper work ethics and it seems to be the place of the large chain fast food restaurants to beat it into them. Sometimes I wish literally. So I guess I should have more patience with the kids when they put more work on me and the others on my shift. The problem is that I have worked night shift in the past. I know that it’s not that busy and that they have plenty of time to get things done. I do know that the grill usually leaves their dishes to the last minute, understandably. But there’s no excuse for not getting just about everything done in the early evening. I have done it before; I know these young kids can too.

Support from the management would help, but they don’t really care beyond their own shift. I have seen it countless times. When people call out for the next shift, there’s rarely any effort made to find replacements or even to let the next manager know. If the managers at night aren’t held accountable for the work done, or not done, on their shift then where is the incentive for hourly managers to do their jobs properly? Most lower level managers don’t receive any incentives beyond making sure that they keep the speed, and once in awhile accuracy, up to par.

Despite all of this, at least there were plenty of happy meal boxes fixed in advance. That’s always nice to see. It could be worse, I suppose. I could be working for Hardees.



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